Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A change of pace

Over about the last week I've modified my training to incorporate more speed... a lot more. I've been throwing a 4k, 5k, and 6k. My reasoning for doing this started with the idea of finding what 80 meters feels like again. I did that last Friday with the 4k, having about 5 throws over 80m. I think being able to throw something over 80m is essential if my goal is to get in the mid to upper 70's with the 16lb. The feel of an 80m throw is very different from a 60 or 70m throw, so I think it's important to learn what that feels like, then try to transfer that feel to heavier balls. So since then I've had some nice numbers with the 5k (81m) and 6k (72m), and more importantly they are feeling more like the technique I produced with the 4k. I think trying to transfer this technique down to my 16lb will encourage a technique that could someday throw a 16lb near 80m. Only time will tell...

Season Bests so far:

4k- 81m
5k- 81m
6k- 72.20m
14lb- 70m
16lb- 65m
18lb- 60.20m