Thursday, August 12, 2010

End of the Season Reflections

This week marked the start of my two weeks off at the end of the season.  I chose to train beyond the USA Championships this year for a couple reasons.  The first reason is that I want to get my body accustomed to throwing through the summer to be ready for international meets in the future.  The second reason is that I threw terribly at the USA Championships and couldn't let it end on that note.  

In the weeks leading up to the USA Championships I did not train very smart.  My technique had become a little off, and I began pressing too hard for distance in training.  I try to take most of my training throws at a range intensity (85-93% of max), and the increased number of high intensity throws really burned me out.  On the day of the meet, I knew I would need to throw around my PR to make finals.  I gave it everything I had, but my body just wasn't in condition to throw that far.

I took one week off after USA's, and since then training has been much better.  I ended my competitive season at the end of July at two meets in Ashland, Ohio.  Jud Logan put together 2 great meets with the top 3 throwers in the US and I walked away with 2 of my better marks on the year (67.86m and 68.44m).  The week following I had some fun producing a new 5k training PR of 85.10m, and now it is time for rest.

Time off is difficult at first.  To go from training twice a day to just hanging out is a weird feeling.  I'm spending my time reflecting on the changes I made this year (both good and bad), and starting my plan for next year.  I made some big strides this year, but there is much more to come.  One main change I have planned for next season is adding training with a 10kg hammer (previously I only went as high as 9kg).  I'm hoping this will help me to improve my special strength and provide disciplined technique.  A second change I am planning is moving from 6 throwing sessions/week to 8-9.  As long as I'm smart about my throwing intensity I think this will be a very positive change.  In the meantime I'm trying to enjoy the down time, but also counting down the days until training resumes!